Business Partner Program

Estate Planning Provides Value for Your Clients and Growth for Your Business

We offer a unique approach through our Estate Planning Business Partner Program for you to provide comprehensive estate planning services to your clients, helping you grow your business while adding more value to your clients.

Why Become a Partner

Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Expand your service offerings.
Offer a comprehensive suite of services.
No need to create a separate estate planning department.
Cater to a wider range of clients in‑house.

Benefits of our Business Partner Program

Additional Revenue Stream

By offering estate planning services, you can generate additional revenue through referral fees or setting your own pricing.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Adding estate planning services to your list of services helps you offer a more comprehensive suite of services to your clients, increasing client satisfaction and retention.

Increased Value to Clients

Provide a valuable service to clients by helping them protect their assets and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to their heirs. This can increase the perceived value of your services among your clients.

Business Partner Platforms

Business Partner Refer

The Refer program is designed to help our partners effortlessly refer clients and receive referral fees. By participating in this program, you can expand your network, strengthen client relationships, and receive referral fees.

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Business Partner “Plus” Program

This exclusive program is designed to empower our partners with a more hands-on approach and greater flexibility to determine their own pricing structure.

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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

For a competitive edge against your competition, generate additional revenue and Increase your value to clients, discover a new revenue stream, and enhance your client satisfaction and retention.

Free Marketing Resources

A resource library of materials to effectively engage your audience.

We are Your Estate Planning Back Office

Our Business Partner Program offers a hassle-free solution for professionals who want to expand their services to include estate planning.

Services Your Clients Need and Value

Our full-list of service offerings will help protect your clients from probate, preserve their assets, protect their minor children and minimize estate taxes.

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