Business Partner Program

We are
AmeriEstate Legal Plan

An estate planning firm dedicated to providing a personalized approach to addressing the needs of everyday people. We specialize in advising and guiding parents, retirees, new homeowners, professionals, and business owners, helping them preserve their assets over multiple generations with a professional and affordable estate plan.

AmeriEstate is one of the largest single providers of estate planning services and is a proud strategic partner of CPAs, Financial Professionals, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Lenders, Notaries, Credit Unions and other professionals. We are known for our comprehensive, custom-attorney prepared, and affordable Estate Planning Services.

Since 1998

The team at AmeriEstate has been providing personalized estate planning and asset protection services to more than 45,000 clients. We have been helping hundreds of Business Partners provide estate planning services to their clients.

Why Choose AmeriEstate?

At AmeriEstate, we aspire to give everyday people a customized strategy perfectly tailored to their needs allowing them to face the future with confidence and peace of mind.

When you select AmeriEstate, you will quickly recognize that our personalized process, approachable customer service, knowledgeable attorneys, at-home delivery by specially-trained notaries, and best-in-class products set us apart.

Lastly, we strive to produce the most comprehensive estate plan at the most economical price—no need to work
with a high-priced attorney or give up quality while working with an online-only alternative.

What Sets Us Apart?

Custom Estate Plans

We offer custom estate plans prepared by trusted attorneys at half the cost of most estate planning firms.

Educational Materials

We provide educational materials and videos for you and your clients.

Back Office Planning

We act as your estate planning back office.

Experienced Team

Our team is full of experienced staff and includes a panel of expert attorneys
and trust advisors.

Monthly Support

We conduct monthly Town Hall meetings to support our partners.

Marketing Materials

We supply print-ready marketing materials.

Meet The Team

A professional, smiling portrait of Greg Reese, President and CEO of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Greg Reese

President and CEO

A professional, smiling portrait of Michelle Reese-Johnson, VP of Business Development of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Michelle Reese-Johnson

Vice President of Business Development and Agent Relations

A professional, smiling portrait of John Knickerbocker, Sr. Manager of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

John Knickerbocker

Sr. Manager, Business Development

A professional, smiling portrait of Chris Garcia, General Manager of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Chris Garcia

General Manager

A professional, smiling portrait of Caroline Hunter, Vice President of Marketing of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Caroline Hunter

Vice President of Marketing

A professional, smiling portrait of Amanda May, Business Development Agent Support of AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Amanda May

Business Development Agent Support

A professional, smiling portrait of Cassandra Cortes, Sr. Estate Planning Advisor at AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Cassandra Cortes

Sr. Estate Planning Advisor

A professional, smiling portrait of Florence Castellanos, Sr. Estate Planning Advisor at AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Florence Castellanos

Sr. Estate Planning Advisor

A professional, smiling portrait of Virginia Contreras, Trust Estate Administrator at AmeriEstate Legal Plan

Virginia Contreras

Trust Estate Administrator

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