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Do You Need an Estate Planning “Back Office”?

It’s a truism that we live in an age of specialization. Each professional has his or her own area of expertise, but likely knows only the basics of other professions. Unfortunately, this can result in clients receiving conflicting advice from the various professionals to whom they turn to for guidance.

Whatever your area of expertise, your clients come to you not only for advice and counsel, but also for practical suggestions on how to handle the financial and other issues they face. Your job is to guide them to — and through — the solution or solutions that will best serve them and their families. Of course, no professional, however well educated, can possibly know all the laws of every state and how they apply to a client’s specific situation. Nowhere is this conundrum more prevalent than in the area of estate planning. Virtually every decision your clients make affects their estate in some way. If they have no estate plan in place, or if they have failed to update and expand their estate plan as their wealth and the number of people in their families increase, they’re liable to wind up with a mishmash of uncoordinated assets. But you’re not an estate planning attorney and you don’t offer estate planning services to your clients. What to do?

AmeriEstate Legal Plan can solve your dilemma. Our nationwide network of experienced estate planning lawyers have been providing services to families since 1998. To date, we’ve helped over 40,000 American families protect the things that are important to them. We are fully prepared to become your estate planning “back office” and help your clients in this all-important area of their lives.

When you partner with AmeriEstate, you can provide in-house estate planning services to your clients. You don’t need to refer them out to local estate planning attorneys. We’re your estate planning “back office,” available whenever you and your clients need us.

How Partnering With AmeriEstate Benefits You

When you partner with AmeriEstate Legal Plan, you will discover that we’re not a silent partner simply waiting for you to call on us to provide your clients with estate planning services. No, we actively support you and your marketing efforts by providing you with marketing tools such as the following:

  • A comprehensive web site that contains videos for you to watch and a blog that keeps you up to date on estate planning issues and concerns
  • Customizable email and templates
  • Your own webinar toolkit 

You can rely on AmeriEstate Legal Plan to help you not only increase the loyalty of your existing clients, but also grow your client base by attracting new clients.

How To Get Started

Ready to let AmeriEstate Legal Plan be your estate planning “back office”? Great! Contact us today and ask to speak with John Knickerbocker, our Senior Manager of Business Development. He’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have and give you additional information about the many advantages you and your clients will gain when you partner with us.

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