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Top 5 Reasons Most Don’t Have an Estate Plan and How You Can Help Ease Clients’ Concerns

Creating an estate plan is one of the most practical steps for your clients to secure and protect their assets and the future for themselves and their loved ones. However, we’ve found that many are hesitant to proceed. We also see that the reasons for their reluctance tend to fall under five general categories. Let’s … Read more

Common Myths About Estate Plan Avoidance

Clients who contact you about estate planning may have questions about why they need AmeriEstate to help them create their plan. They might not realize why it’s crucial and opt for other ways to create an estate plan that doesn’t protect their assets. As you guide them through a discussion about estate planning, be prepared to dispel the myths your clients may have heard.

Understanding AmeriEstate’s 3 Business Partner Platforms

Whether you’re a CPA, a Realtor, a Certified Financial Planner, an investment advisor or other financial professional, your clients look to you for advice. Yet there is one thing you can’t provide for them that is absolutely vital: an Estate Plan. Learn about our 3 Business Partner Platforms to do just that.