Business Partner Program

Understanding AmeriEstate’s 3 Business Partner Platforms

AmeriEstate Financial Professional Discussing Estate Planning with Client.

Whether you’re a CPA, a Realtor, a Certified Financial Planner, an investment advisor or other financial professional, you have numerous clients who look to you for advice. They trust you to guide them through their financial struggles and to help them save money. Although you’re able to advise your clients in finance there is one thing you can’t provide for them that is absolutely vital: an Estate Plan.

By becoming an AmeriEstate Business Partner, AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. can help you provide anEstate Plan for your clients. AmeriEstateis a premier estate planning organization whose nationwide network of experienced attorneys and other professionals have helped over 40,000 families achieve their estate planning goals since 1998.

Providing estate planning services to your clients has never been easier or more beneficial for your practice. At AmeriEstate, we offer three partnership programs for you to choose from: Simply Refer, Refer Plus, and Full Circle.

Simply Refer

In this program, all you need as a Simply Refer partner is to have an estate planning conversation with your clients to assess their specific needs and then send AmeriEstate their contact information. We’ll take it from there.

Refer Plus

If you want to be more involved with your clients’ estate planning processes, you’ll appreciate our Refer Plus program. You will be able to help your clients pre-qualify for AmeriEstate’s services through this program. You will also walk them through the following forms: Legal Plan Agreement, Estate Plan Service Agreement, and New Client Submittal Form. These forms, along with their contact information, payment method, and a copy of any existing trust they might have will be sent to AmeriEstate either through email or regular mail.

Full Circle

If you can commit to producing a certain volume of new trust cases each month, and want to be more hands-on technologically, our Full Circle program is for you. This partnership tier requires you to submit your clients’ information and documents to us via our fill-out electronic PreApp or Fact Finder forms.

What We Do

Whichever partnership level you choose, you may be sure that AmeriEstate will give your clients the same personalized attention that you do. This begins by one of our trust advisors calling them within 1-3 business days after receiving their information to arrange a date and time for their consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys. During this consultation, our attorney ascertains your clients’ goals and objectives and determines which AmeriEstate Estate Plan will best meet their needs.

Our team then goes to work for your clients, rendering the necessary services and preparing the necessary estate planning documents. Once completed, we contact your clients to arrange a time and date for delivery of everything to them by a Notary Public, who reviews the documents with them and oversees all document signings and notarizations. If any deeds are involved, the Notary sends them to AmeriEstate and we record them before returning them to your clients.

We keep you updated throughout this entire process by means of a daily email.

Ready To Get Started?

If the idea of growing your business while providing your clients with the estate planning services they need sounds good to you, contact AmeriEstate today. John Knickerbocker, our Senior Manager of Business Development, will be happy to answer your questions and explain in detail what you can expect from each of our Business Partner levels, including possible commissions.

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