Business Partner Program

Webinar Replay: Business Partner Town Hall – Understanding DocuBank & In Case of Emergency & Why Someone Would Need It

Join us for an informative session where we delve into the significance of DocuBank and the vital role it plays in securing emergency information. This webinar aims to equip our business partners with the knowledge and tools to effectively communicate the value of DocuBank and DocuBank In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) for Young Adults to their clients.

Business Partner Town Hall Meeting Replay: Who Needs a Living Trust? How to Identify a Viable Client.

Discussion with the AmeriEstate Team Showcase Identifying Viable Clients 70% of Americans don’t have a will. And if they don’t have a will, they almost certainly don’t have any type of estate plan. Anyone who has assets that will trigger probate and wants their estate to be settled and distributed outside of the time, expense … Read more

Business Partner Town Hall Meeting Replay: Simple Marketing Tips

Business Partner Town Hall Meeting: Simple Marketing Tips to Generate Sales Growing your company isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. In this webinar, AmeriEstate’s Director of Marketing, Caroline Hunter discusses marketing ideas for our partners and how a few simple marketing efforts can grow your company and increase your revenue. … Read more

Agent Town Hall Meeting Replay: Increasing Productivity

Our Agent Town Hall Meeting discussed how to take advantage of tools on our Business Partner Site to increase your productivity With all the tools available to our business partners, we will demonstrate how to navigate the Business Partner website so that you can see how it can help you work smarter and become more productive

Business Partner Town Hall Meeting: April 18 - Strategies for Identifying Viable Estate Planning Clients Register
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